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Piano Assessment – Process And Pricing

Piano Assessment services by Golden Piano Tuning, Columbus Ohio

Are you thinking of selling your piano that is no longer bring used? Are you looking to buy a piano but want to be sure that it is a good value? A piano assessment may be what you need!


Here are some things that may be part of a piano assessment:


  • – Inspect wood finish for damage
  • – Inspect keys for level and wear
  • – Inspect pins for proper tightness
  • – Inspect soundboard (top and bottom)
  • – Inspect strings for rust and wear
  • – Inspect hammers for alignment and wear
  • – Inspect responsiveness of keys
  • – Inspect pedals
  • – Determine deviation from correct pitch
  • – Take photos of piano
  • – Deliver inspection report to customer


Bill no longer offers this service, but there are plenty of other piano tuner/technicians who do. You’ll find them on the Internet!

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