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Request tuning - Golden Piano Tuning, Columbus Ohio
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Before you request your piano tuning, be sure you have reviewed Bill’s service area information. Bill is based in Westerville and travels to a good portion of the Central Ohio area. If you end up being outside Bill’s service area, he can hook you up with a quality tuner/technician!
Be sure to ask!

Bill’s tuning start times are Monday-Thursday, 9 and 11:30’ish . For those who need a Friday/Saturday, late afternoon, or evening, Bill has someone for you!
Please let him know.

Tuning Request Form

Keeping things simple! If you would rather not use the Tuning Request Form,
TEXT or EMAIL this information to Bill and he will text you back! Easy!

TEXT or EMAIL the requested information to Bill Golden!
Pro Tip: Copy/paste the below items into your email and you can easily refer to it!
1. Your first/last name, cell number, and address. Let Bill know if you have no cell phone.
2. Is there a “Needs tuned by” date, or next available on schedule, or no rush?
3. Upright or grand piano? Is it a very old, tall upright?
4. When last tuned? Keys & pedals work? Other issues?