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Before you request tuning, be sure you have reviewed Bill’s pricing, payment, and service area information. Bill is based in Westerville and travels to a good portion of the Central Ohio area. There are areas that incur a travel fee, so please review the service area page if you may be more than a 40 mile round trip from Westerville. Thanks!

Please complete this form to the best of your knowledge. This contact form is the preferred method for scheduling. If you would rather not use this Piano Tuning Request form or if this form is not working properly for any reason, you may use one of the other methods available at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

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Please use whatever name you are called by your friends, not your 'given' name. 🙂

Texting is Bill's preferred method of responding, so if you can do that, please indicate.

Bill's tuning start times are Monday-Friday, 8 to Noon, depending on your location. For those who can't do weekdays, Bill also tunes on Saturday mornings. If you need late afternoons, evenings, or a Sunday afternoon, Bill has someone for you, so please let him know in the Comments section, below. Special Note: Bill requires that the person who owns the piano and/or is paying for the tuning is present upon his arrival so the piano situation can be discussed in person. Thanks!

Please indicate if piano is vertical (upright), grand (horizontal), or an old, really tall vertical (upright) or player piano. When last tuned (best guess)? Do all keys work? Any broken strings? Do pedals work? Is there anything in need of repair at this time?
NOTE: If no issues indicated, piano presumed to be in good working condition and that you don't care about existing problems.

Who will be playing the piano? Will piano usage be personal/casual? Is someone taking lessons? Is piano played daily? Just needed for special event?

How did you hear about Golden Piano Tuning? Friend? Piano teacher? If so, who? Web search? If so, what did you enter as search?

If you would prefer an alternative to this Piano Tuning Request form or if this form is not functioning properly, please TEXT or call Bill Golden, piano tuner, at 614-394-2878 to schedule. If  you choose to call and Bill is unable to take your call, please either TEXT him or leave a message and he will get back with you just as soon as he can, usually within one business day (unless you made a late night request). Thanks!