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Piano Tuning Benefits

Tuning Benefits - Golden Piano Tuning, Columbus Ohio

What are the piano tuning benefits? There are many good reasons to keep your piano properly maintained. Piano tunings are the most important part of good piano maintenance. Your piano should be maintained on the industry standard, 6 month interval, or no less than once a year.

[Why should I tune my piano on a regular schedule?]

Pianos that are allowed to drop in pitch suffer greatly because all of the strings relax and then must be more significantly stretched to get them back to where they are supposed to be.

If you have someone learning to play a piano, is it critically important that you stay on a 6 month schedule. People prefer to play a piano that sounds good (or as good as it can). For young people just learning to play a piano, ear training is so important to their success. Keeping your piano at the correct pitch can help your child to develop an excellent musical ear. If a young piano player hears the wrong “pitch” for each note on a piano, their ears will be improperly trained.

You only get one chance, when raising your young people, to expose them to the piano. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to properly train their ear for music. Proper ear training will help them with singing or with any other instrument they may play as well and it will stay with them throughout their entire lifetime.

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