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Piano Teachers

Golden Piano Tuning, Columbus Ohio

Looking for a piano teacher? Here are some excellent piano teachers who offer quality piano instruction the Columbus Ohio area! Piano lessons can be fun with the right piano teacher!


Mobile – Columbus Area – Piano Teacher

Hannah Kerksiek

– Mobile piano teacher, I can come to you!

– Accepting students who live within a 30 minute drive from downtown Columbus

– emal: hannah.kerksiek ~AT~ gmail ~DOT~ com

– phone: 801-201-5526

– Teaching since 2014

– Ages 6 – adults

Westerville / Galena – Piano Teacher

Alissa Scowden

– Westerville /  Galena Ohio

– email: ascowden ~AT~ musicallyyourspiano ~DOT~ com

– phone: 614-738-2089 (call/text)

– web:

Gahanna Area – Piano Teacher

Jane Reinard

– Gahanna Ohio

– email: noteworthylearning ~AT~ gmail ~DOT~ com

– phone: 614-682-2992

– Facebook: Private Piano Lessons in Gahanna

– Teaching since 2008, ages 5 to adult.

NE Columbus / S Gahanna Area – Piano Teacher

Janine Wightman

– Gahanna / Columbus Ohio

– email: wightmanjanine ~AT~ yahoo ~DOT~ com

German Village/Merion Village – Piano Teacher

Amy Cain

– German Village / Columbus Ohio

– email: amycain1 ~AT~ gmail ~DOT~ com

– phone: 734-205-7961

Columbus / Bexley Area – Piano Teacher

Kay Barker Music Studio

– Columbus/Bexley Ohio

– phone: 517-896-4825

– web:

NW Columbus Area – Piano Teacher

Ben Unterbrink Music Lessons & Tutoring

– Offering lessons in-studio, online, and in-home

– located: N of Henderson Rd, W of Rt 315

– serving: NW Columbus/Upper Arlington, Clintonville, Worthington, Dublin, Hilliard, Westerville, Lewis Center, and Powell Ohio

– phone: 614-915-2019

– web:

– email: benunterbrink ~AT~ yahoo ~DOT~ com

Central Ohio Music Teachers Association

Search the CEOMTA database for possible piano teachers in your area!

Another Tip: Check area churches and schools. They almost always have someone who teaches piano or can refer you to someone who knows a piano teacher.

Questions about your piano? Contact Bill today!